• A New Look

    Did you know?

    Knitting is something Karen enjoys every day. She’s worked hard to design our products and have them created in quantities that we’d be able to share. In my opinion, Karen’s joy from knitting is missing in our product presentation - I wasn't seeing the pleasure from my lovely wife's face when she knits something different or completes the next project. A change was needed.

    So... Frances, our daughter is busy correcting my early attempts at creating that "public face" for GrammasKnittedGifts. She’s incorporating new (better) product images along with fresh item descriptions, fonts and packaging. You’ll soon see the changes on all the sites where Karen's ClickinStix™ and our wooden buttons and knitting accessories are available. Most of you already know Frances as she has been working on our beautiful Instagram page as well as our Facebook and Pinterest presence all along. She’s doing great work there and we wanted her help here. Dad did what he could back in the early days :)

    As part of the new look we’re bringing two of Karen’s great loves together by adding images of our grandchildren with their Lovie in our redesigned packaging. We’ve been blessed with a plethora of lovely grandchildren lately, with more on the way. A big Thanks to our children for allowing us to share images of their children!

    Thank You to all our loyal customers! We’re fortunate that our ClickinStix™ needles were so well received and our other shortcomings overlooked. Soon we hope to have our product packaging match the quality of our products and our prized shipping practices. I promise the needles will continue to be the same great wooden tools you’ve all come to enjoy.

    Best to you all,

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