• Introducing East Indian Walnut Clickin'Stix™ Knitting Needles and Accessories


    In January of 2017 Indian Rosewood joined all other Rosewood species on the International CITES Treaty of endangered species. Because of this, we're no longer able to get Rosewood needles or accessories made.

    Our friends and craftsmen in India researched several hardwoods that were available and sent us samples made from each. From those, we chose East Indian Walnut as our replacement wood - it feels as dense as the Rosewood and is quite attractive with a bit more visible grain. The Walnut is also a little lighter in color, which makes it easier to see your stitches while using darker yarns.

    I've tried out several sets of our new Walnut needles and cable needles and am happy to say that I love them as much as the Rosewood needles. Many early customers have already told us that they love the cable needles, seaming pins, and double pointed needles as well.

    We've placed an order to complete our stock of single and double pointed needles and buttons, and they should be arriving in the next month or so. We will welcome our new product additions with a few "get to know East Indian Walnut" specials as we complete packaging and have them available for you, our customer. Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages for upcoming specials!

    Thanks for being so understanding as we transition. We do have Rosewood needles  remaining - a dozen or so of each size in each length, but once they're gone we can't replace them. For example, we sold out of 14" US 8 single point needles several months ago. We will continue to carry the Subabul needles and accessories as well. I am a big fan of the lighter wood and love the look of the buttons as well.

    Happy Knitting!



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