• Pattern Inspiration and a New Free Knitting Pattern


    This week I’ve been thinking about where my inspiration for patterns and knitted projects comes from. For me there are many different places that I find my ideas. Sometimes it’s a picture or something that I see someone wearing that I think is cool. Other times it’s the rich colors of the flowers blooming in our garden, the trees leafing out in the spring, a beautiful sunset or winter sky. Of course there’s always a trip to the yarn shop to help with new ideas too!

    Recently I was looking at Pinterest and came across a how-to for a heart-shaped cable swatch at www.studioknitsf.com. It’s a good website, lots of useful information, some videos on how-to and pattern swatches for different stitches and cables. I plan to revisit and try out some of the other patterns!

    Since it was close to Valentine’s Day, I decided to incorporate the heart shaped cable into a headband. I started by making a swatch of the cable from the instructions which are well-written, so I didn’t have any issues. The next step was deciding on size and choosing the appropriate needles and a yarn that I loved. I also wanted to add a border to the outside edges. I made the red one first and liked it, but wanted to make the pattern tighter and the headband not quite as wide, so switched to a smaller needle and chose the white. I love how the second one came out. The white really shows off the cable, and I think it is beautiful. Hope you enjoy the pattern!

    Happy Knitting!!

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