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    My name is Karen, and I am very blessed to have been married to the Love of my life for the past 34 years. We have raised four wonderful children that I couldn't be more proud of! Their awesome spouses have become cherished members of our family, and in 2016 and 2017 we were blessed with 3 perfect grandchildren, with another one due in August of 2018. My happiest times are spent with our family.

    I am also passionate about knitting. For me knitting is a creative outlet and a way to create beautiful, handmade items for my family and friends. It is also a way for me to carry on the history of the techniques and skills that were passed on to me by my Grandmother the way they were passed on to her by her Grandmother. It always gives me great pleasure to share these skills with others and keep a little piece of my family history alive and growing! It makes my heart happy to see my daughters working on their own beautiful creations.

    My interests and skills have evolved throughout my life. As a child the things I made were fairly simple, but I loved the feeling of accomplishment when a project was complete. As a young woman I was really into creating beautiful Icelandic sweaters. When my children were growing up it was socks, mittens, and hats with their names knitted into them. I made a few sweaters and blankets as well, but with the demands of motherhood and work it was easier to do short projects that could be easily completed! Now that I am a grandmother, I am finding myself venturing out of my comfort zone learning new techniques and rediscovering some old ones that I haven't used in many years.

    I look forward to sharing knitting techniques, patterns, and our awesome wooden tools with you! Check in next week and I should have a new pattern for a headband that uses a heart shaped cable. It's a fairly quick knit and will be offered for free on our website.

    Happy Knitting!

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