• Meet Mr. Emmett


    I am excited to introduce Emmett today! He is 16 months old and absolutely the sweetest little man ever! His laugh is the greatest; when you hear it you have no choice but to join in! He is learning to walk and talk, loves the outdoors and playing with his new kitchen, is excited about food, and adores his Papi! He also lives right next door to us with his Mommy and Daddy so we get to see him every day.

    His Mommy is our oldest child and only daughter, Frances. I was privileged to be present for Emmett's birth. It is a truly amazing experience to witness the birth of your children's babies! In November we will have another new addition and Emmett will be a big brother! I know that he will be great because he adores his younger cousin, Remy.

    I loved knitting things for my kids, but now that we have grandchildren I'm really enjoying creating unique items for them to wear. Baby clothes are so adorable and I just love choosing yarn for a project that will be for one of the babies! Last weekend I made a trip to the yarn shop to stock up for upcoming projects for Evie, Emmett, Remy, and the two new babies that we expect this year. Hopefully I will find the time to create all that I want to!

    Next time I will introduce Miss Evie, our oldest (by 2 weeks!) grandchild. Until then, Happy Knitting!


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