• Summer Knitting: Throw Blanket

    I've finished knitting mittens for my grandchildren for now, and I'm moving on to a comfy throw blanket for my Uncle Paul. He recently had knee replacement surgery and will have to stay off of his feet for awhile.

    My Uncle Paul and Aunt Sandy live in the same town as my parents in Arkansas. Albert and I are planning on visiting in the fall, so we'll either bring the throw with us or I'll mail it depending on when I finish.

    I'm using my 14" US 15 Subabul Clickin'Stix for this project, and I am loving how the finials look on the bigger needles. No pattern for this throw - I'm just knitting across on both sides for some texture. The yarn I chose is Lion Brand's Homespun Yarn in the color "Shaker." I've used this yarn on quite a few throw and blanket projects in the past because it is great to snuggle in and has nice texture.

    What projects have you been working on this summer?

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