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Welcome! If you're looking for our Clickin'Stix™ Rosewood, Subabul, or East Indian Walnut wood knitting needles, handmade knit and crochet items, or unique downloadable knitting patterns you're in the right place!

Clickin'Stix™ knitting needles were created out of years of frustration with what was available in the marketplace for solid wood knitting tools. Quality, price, and availability were always an issue... Bamboo initially answers these concerns, but as a hardened grass it will eventually splinter and grab or tear your fine yarns.

Our Clickin'Stix™ are available in single point, double-point, seaming pins, and our best-selling cable needles. In use, the highly-polished, handmade solid wood needles create just enough tension on your yarn to not fall off, yet allow the stitches to glide comfortably from needle to needle.

If you've never tried good quality wooden needles, you owe it to yourself to give these a try. They're a pleasure to work with and we're very proud to be able to share these beautiful tools with our Yarn-craft friends.

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