Why GrammasKnittedGifts?

GrammasKnittedGifts was created as a way for us to share our good fortune in finding craftsmen who could hand make our custom knitting needles. We've made subtle changes to the standard knitting needle to enhance your knitting experience including the following:

  • Our standard double point needle was crafted at 7 3/4 inches as we felt the industry standard 7 inches too short - if your needles were actually 7 inches to start with...
  • Single Point Clickin'Stix™ needles are available in 9, 12, and 14 inch length with a beautiful contrasting wood finial.
  • Our wavy Cable Needles are our best-selling tool. Our customers love the smooth highly polished East Indian Walnut for their cables.
  • Don't miss out on the incredibly handy East Indian Walnut seaming pins - indispensable while assembling your projects. We've seen customers use them as mini-shawl pins as well.

We want you to love our needles as much as we do! Years of effort went into being able to share our Clickin'Stix™ knitting needles. They were created and packaged in a way that represents what we think are some of the finest needles available. If for any reason you disagree, or wooden needles are not your thing, simply contact us, then ship them back in our box for a full refund.


  • We're often asked why our needles are priced less on our site. The simple answer is that we have to pay up to 20% on the sale of items on Amazon, Etsy, etc.
  • Yes, we're happy to create a custom collection needles of different sizes and materials for one low package price... Send us a note!
  • Yes, you remembered correctly... Historically we've always offered Free Shipping on our site. In early 2016, the USPS raised the price for our lightest package 35% on top of the prior two years' increases. We were already under water with the cost of our heavy weight shipping box and packaging and you get the picture... We've tried to keep the threshold for Free Shipping low at carts totaling $20 and above.
  • Our Clickin'Stix™ needles have been shared with other happy knitters since 2011.